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Candido and Delaney In the The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, Candido and Delaney are two main characters that live in Topanga Canyon located in California. Even though they live in the same place both characters come from complete different backgrounds. They live complete different lives but at the same time share some similarities. One thing Candido and Delaney both share is their care towards protecting their families. When it comes to their wives working, they both have complete different views. Candido and Delaney throughout the book show their concern about providing and supporting their families in every possible way. Whether they actually accomplished it in the end is the real question. Delaney an American writer is someone that follows all American values. He is genuinely concerned about the environment and many other issues. Delaney feels that “he stood apart from his fellow men and women…” (Boyle 32). Delaney disliked the camping that occurred in the Topanga Canyon. Finding out that Candido was one of the campers was something that Delaney strongly disliked. Candido an illegal immigrant did nothing else but worry for America. Unlike him Delaney who was economically stable had nothing to worry about. Both Candido and America only want to achieve the American dream. Candido is a caring man that only cares about providing for his wife. He wants nothing more but for his wife to stop working. They both know they won’t be able to survive if that happens. Candido being hurt doesn’t allow him to argue over the situation with America. Boyle states “He forbade her to go, Roared out his rage till his indented cheekbone was on fire, got up on unsteady legs and threatened her with his balled-up fist, but it did no good.” (Boyle 49). Turning Candido into a violent person in order to keep America from not working. Delaney who is more of a stay home dad, is the

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