Boo Radley Essay

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How Does Harper Lee Present Boo Radley and the Radley Family In Chapters 1-8 Of “To Kill A Mockingbird” In Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” Boo Radley is presented as a “malevolent phantom” this is a very powerful statement, made by the people of Maycomb. This creates the reader to become very aware of Boo, as the reader is led to believe that Boo is evil. Lee is able to create this image in the readers mind, because “malevolent phantom” is said as a fact that people just learn to accept. This creates a very mysterious atmosphere for the reader, because the words “malevolent phantom” accentuates the view that Boo Radley is evil, and malicious. By using this phrase, Lee encourages us to view Boo as a strange, intimidating man, whom you would feel uncomfortable and intimidated if faced with. Boo, and the Radley family are presented as scary characters, whom you would try and avoid contact with. One way in which Lee is able to create this image in the readers mind is by creating their house to match the characters. The Radley “house was low, was once white”. The word “once” creates an ageing atmosphere, because it implies the house is no longer white, that the house is now grey and dull. This immediately gives the reader an image of this ancient house, whose color “had long ago darkened to the color of the slate-grey yard.” Not only does this description re-enforce the image of the house, but also it brings the image of an overgrown colorless front yard. The words “long ago” once again press the image of an old and tired house. The “remains of a picket drunkenly guarded the front yard.” Here Lee’s use of personification creates a feeling of the fence falling over, and swaying. The word “drunkenly” also brings an image of the old fence falling down, and sagging in tangled weeds into the readers mind. The whole description put together creates a scary picture, of a
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