Boo.Com Essay

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1- Which strategic marketing assumptions and decisions arguably made’s failure inevitable? Contrast these with other era survivors that are still in business, for example, last lacked the resources and capabilities to make a successful launch in all of the countries it operated in. did not have a good strategy and so rather than building a step by step business that could grow over time they aimed to build a global business from the first try. The company benefited from the high demand for its stocks. However, once the company demonstrated its inability to deliver, the launch date for the website was constantly put back. The failure to deliver on time linked with the stock market crash meant the end of The success of other businesses such as was reached because they grew steadily and adopted strategies to grow with precise objectives unlike who wanted to become a global business from day one. 2- Use the framework of the marketing mix to apprise the marketing tactics of in the areas of product, pricing, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence 2- Product: Premium brands were used, leading to premium prices. There was a mix between sportswear and high street fashion. They had a limited target audience Price: As we have seen in the case, there has been no single price adoption, just different prices across different countries. Place: had a worldwide distribution, which was good for reaching many customers but bad as it increased costs. Promotion: To build the Boo brand and drive visitors, it was reliant on online advertising, which gave rise to a high cost per customer acquisition that ultimately led to the brands failure. The use of PR was more effective and is one of the successes of Boo. The magazine appears overambitious and did not pay for itself
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