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Gregory Moore 11/30/13 Mr.Ritzenhein CTAC Analysis Paper The movie I choose to do for my persuasion analysis paper was Double Jeopardy which is a crime, mystery, thriller directed by Bruce Beresford and made in 1999. The major actors are Ashley Judd, Tommy Lee Jones, and Bruce Greenwood. The plot is Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) was a happily married woman with her husband Nick Parsons (Bruce Greenwood), and son Matty. On their Anniversary they rented a boat to be on the water for one night, after a sexual encounter and a night’s sleep, Libby wakes up to find Nick gone and blood all over the boat and a bloody knife she finds on deck. Thinking that Nick had cut himself and finding a bloody foot print near the rail of the boat she thinks Nick fell overboard. The police investigation finds out Nicks Company was going down and had an insurance policy so they pinned the murder on Libby and she serves six years in prison. She gives her son Matty to her friend Angela, and during one her jail calls to Matty she finds out the Nick is still alive, and that he’s having an affair with. So to get revenge and get her son back she finds out about double jeopardy, which she can kill him and not be charged again for the same crime. When Libby gets paroled she gets put into the custody of a parole officer Travis as she escapes Travis she breaks law to go find Matty and get him back from Nick, who has changed his and started a new life with the insurance money, and while Libby is looking for him, Travis isn’t far behind looking for her. I think this movie is worth an analysis because it has a big social issue because it wasn’t just a personal issue that affected to what Nick did; it was a social issue because it affected a whole community. People looked at Libby as an evil person who was money hungry and would kill her own

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