Bone Repair And Fractures Essay

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A fracture is defined as the cracking or breaking of a hard object or material. In the human body, these hard objects are the bones that make up the skeletal system. The most common types of fractures are: Open, Closed, Comminuted, Greenstick, Impacted, Pott’s, Colles’, and Stress. These fractures are either named for their severity, the individual who discovered them, or their shape. An Open fracture, also referred to as a Compound fracture, is were the broken end of the bone exits the skin and is exposed. Although it may sound bad, this type of fracture heals the easiest because it can simply be realigned with its other half. A Closed, or Simple, fracture is the same clean type of break, except the bone does not exit the skin. In contrast to an Open or Closed fracture, a Comminuted fracture is the hardest type of fracture to fix. This is because the bone surrounding the break shatters into tiny bone fragments. Mostly seen in older individuals with weakened bones, it can also result in a car accident or severe fall. Impacted fractures are exactly what they sound like, impacted. In this type of fracture, one half of the bone is forced down into the other half. This type of fracture may also be associated with car accidents and falls. The most common fracture located solely in the ankle is the Pott’s fracture. This type of fracture occurs when a force if applied to the lateral portion of the ankle causing the fibula to break and in turn putting a strain on the medial portion of the ankle. A Pott's fracture can occur due to an awkward landing from a jump, fall, or following a direct blow to the lower leg or ankle. An individual may suffer from a Colles’ fracture if he or she falls with their hands outstretched. This causes the radius to fracture and be forced on top of the wrist bones. Unlike all of the other fractures previously mentioned, a

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