Bone Fractures Essay

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PDHPE Study Summary How are sports injuries classified and managed? 1.1.1- Injuries commonly occur in sport, particularly in contact sports such as football. Sports injuries are classified according to their cause (direct, indirect or overuse) or the type of tissue damaged (soft or hard tissue). Classifying injuries assists in determining how to manage the immediate injury and then plan for rehabilitation. The accurate assessment of injuries will make the management and further rehabilitation a much easier process for the athletes progression back to their sport. This process, looking at the cause and the type of injuries, helps the Sports Medicine practitioner in the development of treatment for the injury and return to play guidelines. Injuries can be classified according to the following: Direct and indirect- Direct injuries are sustained from an external force causing injury at the point of contact, e.g. a hockey player receiving a bruise from being struck on the leg by a stick during a game. Indirect injuries usually involve the athlete damaging the soft tissues such as the ligaments, tendons or muscles of the body through internal or external forces, e.g. a beach volleyball player over-stretching to reach a ball straining a hamstring. Soft and hard tissue- Soft tissue injuries are any injuries to the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments in our body, e.g. a sprained ankle. They are much more common than hard tissue injuries. Hard tissue injuries occur in bones and cartilages, e.g. a fracture. Overuse- Overuse injuries are sustained from continuous or repetitive stress, incorrect technique or equipment, or too much training, e.g. tendonitis in the shoulder of a swimmer from excessive amounts of training. 1.1.2- Soft-tissue injury is the most prevalent type of injury in sport and it occurs to muscles, ligaments, tendons and

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