Bone Black Auto-Biography

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My biography book Bone Black Memories of girlhood is an emotional story written by Bell Hooks about someone else’s childhood memories. This book shows one strong-spirited child’s voyage towards becoming a writer. The book starts with her different stories in each chapter. Each story shows more of an innocent, feminist touch, to her life living in the south. The novel shows her growing up, being more established and learning early on the roles women and men play in society, as well as her own values in life. I adored this book because it happened to catch my eye at the library, and I just knew I had to read it. Not sure why, I picked it up and started to read from the back cover, and it left me speechless. Threw out the book Bell Hooks uses first person voice, she describes the main character in each situation very innocently. She is unaware of the different view each audience see this in. “I am constantly wiping myself but the spots do not go away. I am constantly folding tissue to make perfect little napkins wrinkled up, fall out when I am running. When mama finally asks me if it is me that has the panties with the discharge, with the sometimes funny smell, I do not ask her how she knows- she find out everything… She wants to know have I been doing anything with boys. I do not know what this anything is. When I say no, she asks again and again. I always answer no (Hooks 94-95)”. This quote defines her innocents. As young children we are ignorant of evil things in the world. We grow up not knowing the wicked and hurtful. Bell Hooks wrote this book as if an blameless child just entering the world. She writes the book as if she has just experienced all of it for the first time. Every detail is incorporated into her book, which adds a lot of aspect. Bone Black Memories of girlhood was written because Bell Hooks wanted to show life as a black child living in
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