Bonding Singapore Essay

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Bonding Singapore What are the challenges of a multi-ethnic society? Managing perceptions of different racial groups * Lack of understanding and communication can cause outbreaks or violence. * E.g. United Malays National Organization (UMNO) communal politics vs PAP non-communal politics resulting in the 1964 race riots Managing perceptions of different religious groups * Differences in religious beliefs and practices can cause tension * E.g. Maria Hertogh riots (a custody dispute over a child) in 1950 which created unhappiness in the Muslim community Threats from external forces * Transnational terrorism can divide the people, threaten racial and religious harmony * E.g. 34 JI (Jemaah Islamiya) members arrested since 2001 for terrorist-related activities, putting Singaporeans on high alert against terrorism * Why Singapore? * Open, cosmopolitan society hosting many foreign establishments, hence targets to terrorists * Developed country and friendly to the West * Response from Singapore * Anti-terrorist stance * Improved internal security * Organizations voices support to maintain ethnic harmony * Continue to ensure social cohesion Can ethnic diversity be managed? Building a National Identity * Common Practices * Singing of the national anthem * Taking the pledge * Attending the flag-raising ceremony * Develop loyalty and national pride for our country * Multi-Racialism * Everyone is treated equally * Everyone has equal opportunities to succeed * Favouring of certain race or religion is prohibited by the Constitution * Everyone is valued * Bilingualism * Use of English as a linking language * Use of Mother Tongue to impart values and cultural traditions Safeguarding

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