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APPLICATION FOR BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE / MIGRATION CERTIFICATE AND TRANSCRIPT Read the instructions before filling the Application form UNIVERSITY (Specify whether MAHE / SMU) 1. Applicant’s Address Name: (In Block letters) Address 2. Study center’s Address Center Code Name: Address Pincode 3. Roll Number 4. Tel No (with STD code) 6. Request for the issue (tick as applicable) BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Pincode 5. Email MIGRATION CERTIFICATE TRANSCRIPT In case of Transcript mention if any extra copies required 7. Reason (Indicate briefly the reason or obtaining above certificate): 8. Details of fees paid DD / Challan No DD date DD Amount (Rs) Bank name Payable at Manipal / Udupi Certified that I have passed in all semesters and the information given above is correct (see the instructions) Place: Date: Signature of the candidate 9. Applicant’s address to which the certificate to be sent For Office Use Eligibility verified and found correct Consolidated marks card Certificates verified Despatched on References YES / NO Name: (In Block letters) Address Pincode INSTRUCTIONS 1. Bonafide certificates, Migration certificates and Transcripts are normally issued to only those students who have completed the course successfully. Hence they should attach the copy of final Degree certificate. In case the student has not applied for final degree certificate, the same may be done by downloading the application format from the website with all documents and required fees. 2. In case any student who has not completed the course wants Bonafide Certificate / Migration Certificate / Transcript, he shall give the reason for obtaining the same in appropriate column. 3. For Bonafide Certificate, Migration Certificate and Transcript the student is required to forward a Demand Draft in favour of Sikkim Manipal University, DE

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