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Are nuclear weapons peacemakers or killing devices Nuclear weapons were meant to kill thousands of people. Nuclear weapons should not be made and used no more due to numerous of reason. First cause they cost citizens lots of money to pay for nuclear weapons without tax payers being alerted. Second they hurt(mental illness), cost tension, kills innocent people and starts randomly nonstop wars. Nuclear weapons are the only weapons that have the capacity of annihilate human species and numbers of other species. Nuclear weapons are called weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION for a reason. They're weapons that destroy everything in mass, they don't aim. Nuclear weapons don't pick and choose what gets wiped out and what doesn't, they simply destroy everything. As humans we get into conflicts over petty reason however we all still share living on this planet equally. Our conflicts are between us and only us, nature could care less about religion, politics & and control of natural resources. That being said the fallout from nuclear radiation affects nature. Take the case of Japan, okay they surrendered but now what? The people of those areas have been affected from a couple generations now of a conflict most people in the world will only experience through historical text and movies. “Its very simple, its the same as taking away firearms. if you abolish nuclear weapons only the bad guys will have them. and no country in the world could take on the U.S or Russia. its to much money and time to dismantle every nuke in the world. keep them”.- Hector Imagine how much we've already destroyed ourselves, I think we'll do fine soon. I think people get a clearer idea about how much we are actually hurting the world with global warming. Nuclear weapons should be here, but not to be used against the Earth or it's population. I believe it's about time we have a democratic saying

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