Bolsheviks in Ww! Essay

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When World War 1 started the Tsarist government of Russia withdrew millions of peasants form the farms to the battlefield this cause all kind food shortage, rationalization, and price change. In March of 1917 several strike started in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg). On March 8, the international Women’s Day thousands of women joined by workers march through Petrograd against the government. This march rapidly evolve into a general strike on March 10 that shout down all the factories in the city. The Tsar tried to control the strike using the army but the rapidly turn against him and join the protesters. All this events cause that the Duma, the Russian early parliament, met on March 12 and declare that they were assuming governmental responsibility. A provisional government was created on March 15, the same day that the Tsar Nicolas II abdicated. The constitutional democrats assume control of the provisional government. They represented primarily a middle class and liberal aristocratic minority. This government faced the soviets as opposition, who represented the more radical interests of the lower class and were compose by socialist of various kinds. Among them the Marxist Social Democratic Party was created and divided in two, the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks wants the Social Democrats to be mass electoral socialist party based on western life, and like the Social Democrats of Germany, they were willing to cooperate in a parliamentary democracy. The Bolsheviks were a small fraction of Russian Democrats that were united under the power of Vladimir Lenin, who had return Russia after being exiled in Switzerland. Under Lenin’s direction, the Bolsheviks became a party dedicated to a violent revolution that would destroy the capitalist system. After he return to Russia he believe that the Bolsheviks should take the control of the provisional government and

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