Bolsheviks Essay

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The Bolsheviks were the majority of the Social Democratic party in Russia, their name itself means ‘majority’ who followed the ideas of the German writer, philosopher ,journalist and revolutionary socialist, Karl Marx. The Bolsheviks were mainly led by Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, who met in London in 1903,and eventually rose to power in October 1917. Lenin, with his iron will and inflexible ambition and discipline side by side with Trotsky, an incredible speaker and a genius proved to be some of the most well known men in Russian history. While the people were starving, the peasants lacked farming land and the whole of Russia was sick of war, the Bolsheviks were promising bread, land and peace, and while the provisional government failed to meet these demands, the Bolsheviks slowly gained supporters in all the right places, which led to an increase in the Provisional government’s unpopularity. Children were starving in the streets, bones visible through the lack of flesh, men and women queued for days for a piece of bread, the Russian streets full of filth, unrest, and depression. As winter came closer, the people of Russia were slowly withering away because of lack of food and lack of shelter and a war that led to nowhere. The hardships increased both on the civilian population and on the troops because of the inadequate transport, lack of equipment, scarcity of food, and high prices,in addition to the inefficiency and corruption of the aristocrats which would lead Russia to nowhere , all added to the revolt. There were constant strikes all around Russia, not only for higher wages, but also for peace. There were mutinies of troops at the front, and at other times the soldiers themselves joined with the revolutionaries.So, of course as the Bolsheviks stood before the weak people, who were so desperate to survive, and promised them the things they needed

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