Bollywood Vs Hollywood - Its Film Music

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Bollywood vs. Hollywood – Its Film Music and its role in the community in a global environment The phenomenon of song and dance gives Indian cinema a unique identity. Unlike Hollywood, where the music is a separate genre by itself, song and dance has been an essential part of the narrative in Indian cinema. The Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, is the second largest film industry. This industry has gained enormous success worldwide.1 One of the characteristic features of Bollywood is the presence of songs and dances in the movies. This form of creative art displayed by Bollywood has been the primary reason for the popularity of this industry. Every motion picture contains at least four or more songs or dances, expressing the emotion of the character or the situation in the film. They also play vital role in gaining the attention of the audience. Most people assume that the term Bollywood is the entire Indian film industry, but it is in fact only one portion. I will be comparing the music of Hollywood films to the music of Bollywood, the Hindi-language industry based around Bombay known mainly for its musical productions. This is the most logical ‘Western’ comparison to the musical genre. When comparing the roles of film music in both film industries, it is clear that Bollywood films put a greater emphasis on the music and songs, often centering entire films around the music. In Bollywood, the way a film is born is unique as the music and songs must ‘hook’ the financiers before anything else is planned. Producers then find an artist and give the musical director a theme – usually extremely simple, on which to base a song. It is only then if the

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