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In a world that is constantly seeing an increase in Western influence, some parts of the world seek to stay true to their roots; especially when it comes to music. Some cultures do this by modifying Western practices in order to incorporate their own identity. Bollywood, for example, is India’s answer to Hollywood. In its earliest years, filmi music, or music that is generally written and performed for Indian cinema, was generally Indian in inspiration. However, over the years, Western elements have increased significantly. The film soundtracks continue to be diverse, sometimes mixing together different genres, or even reverting to entirely classical music. The Hindi film industry is huge and contributes greatly to Hindi culture. Bollywood music includes songs that are featured in Bollywood films. This type of music gets it’s name from the combination of Bombay, which was the name of India’s film capital, and Hollywood. These films exemplify aspects of Hindi and Urdu culture and language from India and Pakistan. The history of Hindi Filmi Music is one of constant evolution. Starting in the early 20th century, the “talkie” era began. This was is considered the starting point for movie composers and singers. At this time, musical tastes around the country were still dominated by the Indian motif-one-dimensional melody that included mostly classical and folk structures (Krishnan, 2008). By the mid-1930s, film songs began to experiment with Western instruments, harmony, and orchestration. In the late 1930s the idea of playback singing gained momentum. Cinema music began to demand a greater level of talent than was offered, thus the idea of employing a person that could sing really well to perform behind the scenes, and an actor to play the role on screen. Around 1945, film songs began to display the exotic array of styles it possesses today. With songs being written in

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