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Bollywood fashion LITERATURE REVIEWRIMA BEGUMIntroductionBollywood fashion is one of the largest fashion industries in the world, with its unique colours and quirky looks. The Bollywood fashion designers truly know how to design breathtaking garments for such big stars in Bollywood for instance kareena Kapoor and John Abraham. Also not to forget the stars themselves who’s fans have become their torchbearers, by draping themselves in whatever the stars have flaunted themselves in their on-screen lives, thereby gracefully and joyfully, albeit blindfoldedly adopting all their styles.In this review, I hope to provide a deeper understanding of the history as well as the current Bollywood fashion and trends by sharing my knowledge of Bollywood fashion through a review of the educated literature. I hope that this review will help me refine my research questions and ultimately lead to a larger follow-up research of Bollywood fashion. Most of the research that I have done is from Internet-based sources, websites as well as Infrotrac for newspaper articles. It has been very difficult to find further information on this specific topic, especially from published books and journals. The themes that I have proposed naturally arose whilst I was doing my research on Bollywood fashion and I shall focus on these to produce the literature review itself. I looked at the existing research with a couple questions in mind:Questions: 1. How has Bollywood fashion evolved in the 1950s, 60s to the current year 2011? 2. How have Bollywood fashion designers influenced the Hindi film industry?How has Bollywood fashion evolved in the 1950s, 60s to the current year 2011?With the huge international interest in Bollywood fashion, and of course the Hindi cinema, the craze has almost hit worldwide. This report is based on reviewing my research into Bollywood fashions and trends since the 1950s to

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