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LACK OF ORIGINALITY If Ugly Aur Pagli and God Tussi Great Ho are the latest Hindi movies to be ‘inspired’ by foreign films, why are we toasting a new-and-improved Bollywood? In Sachin Khot’s Ugly Aur Pagli, Kabir (Ranvir Shorey) takes his script to a producer who promptly asks for the DVD of the movie Kabir has copied his script from. Of course, Kabir insists his is an original story. The scene is reflective of the state of Hindi films today. At a time when we are boasting of Bollywood going places, with Kareena Kapoor signing a Hollywood film with Billy Zane, and Sylvester Stallone starring in a Hindi film, it is heartbreaking to see the lack of good, original scripts, the backbone of movies. Maverick director Mahesh Bhatt has his own take on the lack of original scripts in Bollywood. “When you say there is a lack of originality nowadays, you are presuming that once upon a time there was originality. Nothing under the sun is original. Everything is sourced from somewhere,” says the maker of several “inspired” films. If the scripts are not directly plagiarised, then they have references to other films. However, Bhatt does believe that one needs original thoughts and a renewed vigour, which are missing. “Films today are good-looking but have old thoughts. Their core is tired,” he insists. Another release this month that is said to be inspired by Hollywood is Kunal Shivdasani’s Hijack. Starring Shiney Ahuja, it is said to have shades of Bruce Willis’ much-loved Die Hard. However Shivdasani is firm that his is “an absolutely original script”. “Only the skeleton is similar to Die Hard,” he attempts an explanation. “In Die Hard, the hero has to save his wife from a building hijacked by terrorists. In this, a father (Ahuja) has to save his daughter from a hijacked plane. Otherwise, the emotions involved and the way the screenplay unfolds are very different.” In

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