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Bolivia Residing in the heart of South America, Bolivia is the fifth largest country on the continent; right around one and a half times the size of Texas. The topography of the land goes from extreme to extreme with the rainforest to the north, foothills and farmlands on the east, snow covered mountains to the west, and salt deserts in the south. Not only is the environment strikingly different in these regions, but so are the cultures of the people. Under one nation, however, the people face similar problems. My research will touch on the infamously instable government, the lack of education Bolivians receive, and also the rising drug problem the country is facing. Bolivia’s government is set up much like that of the United States’. The constitutional republic has an elected president and his personally appointed cabinet. Bolivia’s government is however infamous for its instability. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America according to Countries and Cultures. (Ember and Ember) This leaves its frustrated population in desperation that leads to things such as civil unrest and riots. The government is so instable, in fact, that it is not uncommon for its neighboring countries to invade and take control. However, Bolivia has been fairly stable to date from 1985. (Ember and Ember) Few people in Bolivia actually understand their government and judicial system completely. It’s rare for Bolivians to go to the police or take judicial action, because most of the discrepancies are handled locally by elected officials who still practice the traditional ways. Violent acts rarely happen in Bolivia, but some domestic abuse is present. Education is free between ages 6 and 14. The student to teacher ratio for primary schools in Bolivia is 22 to one among the 14, 504 primary schools, however about one in seven children do not complete it. In 2004, according to The

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