Boeing Vs Airbus

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Boeing VS Airbus A380 Business Interior Both Boeing and Airbus share some similar business practices and marketing techniques, but that’s where it stops, the rivalry and competition between the two companies has always proved to be beneficial to clients. Between the two companies, you are able to find the perfect aircraft for your needs. But between Boeing and Airbus, who provides the best marketing to clients, and most important, who has the better product. Boeing 787 Mockup Interior Boeing is staying away from the large capacity aircraft designs and is looking to producing the B787 Dreamliner which will be a quick and fuel efficient. Having already filled the market with 747s, Boeing is looking to capitalize on the demand for direct flights and medium capacity requirements. Airbus on the other hand is producing the A380, an aircraft capable of carrying up to 800 people. Airbus is looking to replace the ever growing old Boeing 747s in the market with a higher capacity more fuel efficient plane. Its easy to compare the two aircrafts in terms of size and primary use. The A380 is a high capacity aircraft capable of transoceanic flights, while the 787 has relatively the same traveling distance, but a maximum passenger count of 280. Both aircrafts have at least a 15% reduction in operating costs per seat in comparison to their older counterparts. The real comparison comes into usability of each aircraft; The A380 requires major airport modifications at boarding gates to allow for its enormous size, also requiring larger taxiways and more runway for takeoff and landing. These limitations allow for this aircraft to be used only at major hub airports. The 747 is able to travel to all regional airports with ease, as its size is much smaller than the A380. Pricing for the two aircrafts varies per series. Base pricing for the A380 starts at $280m. The Boeing

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