Boeing: Management Planning

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Boeing: Management Planning The planning part of any business is essential not only to the other functions of management, but to the longevity of the business itself. In general terms, planning is the business's objectives for the company and it can range anywhere from defining the business and developing the mission statement to establishing goals to monitoring the plan and adjusting the plan as needed. There has been an enormous impact of legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility on Boeing's management planning and has had various factors that have influenced Boeing's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. There are constant legal issues that face businesses today. Boeing, a leading aerospace company and the maker of highly important technological innovations, has faced numerous legal issues. For example, there was a complex legal issue involving gender pay differences in 2000 and Boeing was even sued for this alleged offence (Business, 2004). Boeing decided to settle out of court regarding this matter to save them from public scrutiny even though most of the documentation was thrown out of court and key information was protected under attorney client privilege. The planning side of Boeing's management stepped in to make sure that a legal team oversaw all important documents. This saved the company millions, but if they had a better plan in place, this issue would have never resulted. Boeing was also sued for alleged violation of the federal securities laws in 1997 as a class action suit. “The plaintiffs alleged that Boeing had intentionally suppressed information about its manufacturing problems, which would have adversely affected the share price of the company during the first and second quarter of 1997, when merger talks with McDonnell Douglass were in progress” (Unknown, 2004, p. 3). This was definitely a lapse in

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