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Boeing Management Boeing’s Management Planning Paper MGT/330 February 5, 2010 Shannon Thomas Boeing Management Planning Paper In today’s world of business management planning is key to success for many large and small business, companies and corporations. At the Boeing corporation they have demonstrated the benefits of the four functions of management, which are: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Boeing is most popular for their commercial airplanes and contract work with the military, where they have provided designs for missiles and satellites and other defense and communication systems. The success of Boeing has come from their ethics and planning abilities. Boeing is one of the worlds largest aerospace company that continues to grow successfully even in today’s unstable economy. Like many businesses Boeing has a management business planning that is influenced by the impact of legal issues, ethical issues and corporate social responsibilities. Boeings business planning is influenced by many factors. Factors that both include internal and external factors. The economy, new laws and competition are all factors that may also influence their business planning. Boeing is one of many companies who have joined the foundation for corporate responsibility. This has helped Boeing promote ethics in their business among employees and staff. In our everyday lives we follow certain codes of ethical conduct, whether it be at work, school or at home. At Boeing they follow the companies POL2 Ethical Business Conduct. (Boeing). It was established to protect its employees and the corporation. Boeing’s commitment in continuing to demonstrate integrity and quality is very important as to not compromise the integrity of the company and its investors. A company has the responsibility as an organization to take action on social and

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