Boeing Changes the Nature of Its Business with Global Collaboration.

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Describe online collaboration and its benefits to Boeing. Basically Boeing is a transformed Chicago based aerospace company which undertakes high level technology and system integrator, and uses cutting edge materials and electronics for its newly designed assembly process passenger planes i.e. the Boeing 787, which is also known as “Dreamliner”, other new midsize passenger jet that’ll have carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic parts which will make it lighter and provide better fuel economy. Furthermore, Boeing’s shift goes beyond making planes faster and cheaper, due to its consolidated technology group (IT system people) playing a large role towards this shift. Thus, partners including companies in Japan, Russia, and Italy are there to design concepts to production level, bearing in mind that concept parts are assembled in a computer model maintained by Boeing outside its corporate firewall. This takes a slight burden off Boeing by maintaining role in integrator and interface to the airlines, while the partners take responsibility for the major pieces, including their design. If in case of any plane failure or deliveries being late Boeing does takes the hit, but here the beauty of collaboration comes into play by conveying actual cost of development and manufacturing to its network of collaboration. Generally the term collaboration means a generic, more cooperative interaction between firms to achieve some agreed upon objective bearing concepts according to Hansen’s definition of disciplined collaboration: leadership, motivation and ability (Hansen, p. 15). If we take Boeing for instance as to why company wants to have collaboration, it seems that Boeing looks forward to building global relationships that’ll eventually help the company sell its plane overseas by act of sharing and transferring knowledge, pooling of both tangible and information based resources.

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