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Boeing 787 Name: Institution: Date: Abstract With the use of two written sources, this paper will explore the network connections that are used in the Boeing 787. It will also try to identify benefits that are derived from the use of the common network. The security concerns that have been linked to this dream liner will also be commented on in this paper. BOEING 787 The Boeing 787 dream liner is one of a kind creation that gives the passenger all the home advantages in the plane in regards to connectivity. A passenger can plug and play as many devices as possible inside the plane without the fear that the network will be overloaded and cause a mishap in the plane. This dream liner is serviced by three wired on board networks. One of it is for the plane’s security and navigation, the other for its administration and the last one for passenger in-flight entertainment and internet access. All three of these networks are linked to each other. When the plane is on the ground, it allows for wireless (Wi-Fi) connection with the passengers who are within a certain distance of the plane. This wireless network connection is however switched off once the plane takes off and the passengers switch to the Ethernet connection inside the Boeing. The Ethernet connection that allows for inflight entertainment and the plane control system has software that does not allow for information to flow back; rather it is a one-way data flow connection which provides some sort of security against hackers (,2933,331088,00.html). Some of the aviation authorities were concerned with the fact that all the systems in the Boeing 787 use a common network for all of them. This sharing of the network has its own benefits to it for example it allows

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