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Boeing Essay

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aircraft has revolutionized the world and made travel easier but maintenance has to be done to the plane to keep it up to date and safe to ride on.   They are now using tablets to help the day-to-day processes to help technicians.   Donald E. Lang says, “Using tablets, manufacturing technicians (MTs) who prepare commercial and military aircraft now have immediate access to information throughout a work facility.” The application will make it safer and more efficient because the Technician will now have the resources to look at where people are sitting and know what’s wrong with the aircraft rather than searching around and wasting time.   Because this on a tablet, it has a lot of mobility so the technician will have the resource with them the whole time while they are fixing a part of the aircraft.
  * As business strategy Boeing is trying to become a safer and more productive company and with this technology it will happen. With efficiency and productivity with this app on the IOS and Windows firmware they will save money while being efficient. The organization as a whole is to make everything cheap as possible and with this app it will help located problem much faster. Boeing is becoming more efficient as a whole and with new technology advancement like this Boeing will reach their organizational strategy.   Informational strategy is conceived as an enabling strategy, and will have to align with organization strategy as a whole. IS strategy for Boeing is that they are using tablets with having charging station around to help them with cost leadership and safer air crafts. IS strategy does have its consequences for example in this case Boeing has to put charging station around the area because everything other than man force needs to recharged. This has the Porter’s generic strategies for achieving competitive advantage for examples Boeing is becoming top in cost leadership because with this app on tablets, they will requires less man forces because the app...

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