Body Systems Involved in Driving a Car

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Body Systems Involved in Driving a Car When I drive to school, the first thing I do is grab my keys, backpack, and a protein bar then walk to the door. I open it and proceed to walk out making sure to lock my front door with the keys I pull out of my backpack. I begin to walk to my car and press the unlock button for my car on my key chain and open my car door. I sit down in the driver’s seat. Then throw my backpack in the back of my car and close the door and put my car key in the ignition. I then shift my car to reverse and begin pulling out of my driveway and when I have backed up enough I shift my car to drive and start driving to school. When I get to a red light I pick up my protein bar from my lap and open the packaging and begin eating. It’s a very big bar so I finish it after a couple red lights. I put my trash in my cup holder for now until I get to school to throw it away. When the light turns green and I lift my foot off the brake and push my foot onto the gas and begin driving once more. When I arrive at school I drive into the parking lot and look for my spot to park my car, when I find it I pull my car into my spot and then I press the brake pedal until I’m stopped. I put my car in park and turn my car off by taking my keys out. I then grab my garbage and my backpack then I open my driver’s door, close it behind me and as I walk to the entrance of my school I throw my trash away and press the lock button on my car key. When I was walking to my door and my car, also so when I sat in my chair, the various body systems involved would be the muscular and the skeletal system. The muscular system allowed movement of my body, maintained my position, and circulated blood throughout my body. The skeletal system supported my body and the muscles attached to my bones worked together to get my legs, arms, knees, etc. to move. Another body system involved in

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