Body Piercings Essay

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Some people find it difficult to understand both sides of a controversial topic because they do not consider other perspectives. It is important that a person knows the background of any issue. Body piercings are decorative jewelry on ones body. Body piercings are more than just poking a needle through the skin. It is for a persons self image and/or satisfaction. Defending both sides of this matter will be presented. The general arguments about body piercings are the risks, how a person can be perceived, and why people think the way they do about piercings. A person usually does not give much thought to all the factors that go into getting a piercing. A main concern in getting a piercing is infection. It is said by reports from the 16th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in 2006 that bacterial infections are hardly serious, but between 10-20% of piercings follow in some type of bacterial infection. An additional risk in getting a body piercing is the possible result of permanently scarred, damaged skin tissue either from infection or simply tearing the piercing out of its place, as stated from Look at the other side of this argument; if a piercing is properly cared for and well maintained, the chance of damaged skin tissue or infection is decreased immensely. If a person is extra cautious with a piercing and let it heal without any interference, there will be no problems for the piercing to heal properly, as stated from Irene Lin, M.D, from Los Altos Center in Los Altos, California. A piercing can end well if taken care of or result in complications if not well taken care of. The actions of a person determine the piercing outcome. A person with a piercing can be perceived differently depending on the source the opinion is coming from. Some may say that piercings need to be covered up or taken out
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