Body Modifications Essay

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Body Modifications In America, the practice of body modification is everywhere, from tattoos and piercings to elective plastic surgery. Young teens and adults are undergoing these changes in order to express themselves or to improve their physical appearance. Many people claim that these changes in our appearances are a positive trend in our culture, showing our diversity and individuality as people, while others state that these modifications can be taken too far. The societal pressures to maintain an attractive image are intense and experienced by the majority of the public. The myth that physical attractiveness leads to success and happiness strongly contributes to this. However, many of these alterations can be dangerous to people’s bodies and can cause severe problems- both emotional and physical. Excessive body modifications have more serious negative outcomes than positive, and do not reflect who one is as a person. While many people oppose altering their appearance to improve their image, others claim that body modifications help people to feel better about themselves. It’s true; we live in an extremely self-absorbed world. People go to great lengths, striving to be beautiful. Attractiveness appears to lead to a successful and happy life, so it’s no wonder that our society is the way it is. This has led to the growth of the cosmetic surgery industry. However, factors other than attaining beauty play a part in this; sometimes changing your appearance is necessary. In Yasmine Farha’s article “Body Modification- A Positive Way to a Better You,” she discusses the positive impacts of body modifications. These include all kinds of reconstructive surgeries, such as scars or disfigurements from accidents or birth defects. She states that “plastic surgery will not only boost your self-esteem, but create a better body image for you that will help you cope with a
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