Body Image Perception Essay

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Abstract Background: Obesity is a worldwide disease, affecting both developed and developing countries .Excessive weight loss following bariatric surgery may result in an excess of lax, overstretched skin mainly in the abdomen in the form of abdominal skin overhang causing physical discomfort and may negatively affect body image' perception and bio-psycho-social well-being of the patients. Objectives: The study was conducted to examine the effect of abdominoplasty following bariatric surgery on the bio-psycho-social well-being and satisfaction of the patients. Methods: Body image perception and patient satisfaction of a sample of 52 obese patients subjected to abdominoplasty following bariatric surgery (20 laparoscopic gastric plications and 32 laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy) were measured by the Obesity Psychological State and Satisfaction Questionnaires. The mean age of participants was 39-year old (range 19-55 year). Results:…show more content…
It is strongly distorted in obese people, affecting their quality of life [8]. There are several tests which investigate body' image perception , biopsychosocial profile, and satisfaction. Body Attitude Test (BAT) is an internationally widely used self-report questionnaire, already adopted in previous studies evaluating body image perception in bariatric patients [9]. The critical score that determines the boundary between patients and a normal population is established at 36 using Shrout and Fleiss’ model [4]. The aim of this study was to provide a psychological evaluation of the bariatric patient in three crucial periods before bariatric surgery, after Bariatric surgery and after abdominoplasty to estimate the beneficial support of abdominoplasty to body image perception in previously obese patients. This is a preliminary study necessitating further researches. Patients and
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