Body Image And Its Linking Pieces

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Body image can be defined as how one perceives their own physical appearance, as well as how one thinks others observe them. How one perceives and relates to ones own physical body image is influenced by cultural and social factors. Personal appearance is very important to the majority of people. Body image has numerous social problems that link them together. In other words, there is more to body image than just what in seen in the mirror. The social problems related to body image are the media, stereotypes, gender/sex, and cultural influences. All of these lead to how people perceive themselves in everyday life. Body image is greatly affected by the mass media’s portrayal of the thin ideal body type. In society today, the overall “goal to be thin” is portrayed no matter where one may look, movies, television, magazines, newspapers, the internet, music videos, and billboards (Sloan). The number of diet ads are found more in women magazines that that of men. Within these ads, the person posing as a fit individual has women comparing themselves to the ideal image. Majority of the ads seen in magazines may lead some individuals to obtain a negative body image, causing low self-confidence and possibly depression (Sloan). Other causes of negative body image are “stress, guilt, shame, insecurity, body-dissatisfaction and increased endorsement of the thin-ideal stereotype” (Fox). The images of the people seen in the media do not reflect what society sees every day, these individuals do not represent reality (A healthy body image: Why bother?). For one to obtain the ideal image, a lot of work is needed to enhance the reality of the physical appearance of a person to form that look. Generally, the media utilizes modern technology and enhances the images to show prime perfection. To accomplish this, many images are “touched-up” by using computer-enhanced

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