Body Image Essay

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What will the average person do to feel accepted? We compare ourselves to the appearance of the people that surround us. For example it has been said that the average person watches four hours of television a day. (Elliot 486.). With so much time spent watching people that seem flawless it is no wonder that most Americans feel inadequate. Plastic surgery seems to be one cure for these feelings of inadequatacy.. After reading about how Americans view their bodies I have concluded that humans need to feel accepted by their peers. The need to feel accepted is shown by the many ways people will change their appearance. The media exploits people’s needs to feel accepted by having beautiful people in television shows, the news, and in advertisements. It seems that everywhere you look there is another poster of a beautiful woman advertising a product. Does this practice reflect the mindset of consumers and the human psyche? Many people feel the need to get plastic surgery. Below I will touch on this and others as discussed by several authors in our text. The media may be convincing us that we need to achieve an unachievable standard of physical attractiveness. Carl Elliot, in his article “Putting Your Best Face Forward”, points out how the media has exploited plastic surgery with the number of television shows on the subject. Examples of these reality shows include the Fox’s “The Swan” and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”. These reality shows document the transformation of a contestant as he or she undergoes cosmetic surgery in the quest for beauty. Shows like these have brought cosmetic surgery, which was once the province of the rice and famous, to the mainstream public. That has changed in recent years because more people believe that cosmetic surgery is the answer to their problems. Cosmetic surgery is more common, open, and well accepted today; 8.3 million cosmetic

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