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Jamie Santa Cruz wrote an article published on March 10th 2014 in The Atlantic called Body-Image Pressure Increasingly Affects Boys. She describes how today’s adolescent boys are facing the same body image issues as the girls their same age, without being noticed by professionals or parents. Cruz’s research suggests that 1 in 4 adolescent boys have a body image issue. I never would have thought so many boys would have body image issues. Cruz understands that today’s media not only targets girls to be altar thin, but also puts a great emphasis on a man looking impossibly muscle. The entertainment industry continually shows men with their shirts off showing impossibly chiseled bodies and a well defined six-pack. Even more and more toys are showing off unrealistic male bodies, look at the overly pumped up action figure. The difference between what how girls vs. boys react to this poor body image differs greatly according to Cruz. Girls go to the extreme of getting thin by starving themselves, using laxatives and vomiting. Which quickly makes them obviously look like something is wrong. Boys with body issues are harder to recognize because they will just become more and more muscular with overly exercising and even steroid abuse. Most boys don’t have any access to Pharmaceutical-grade injectable steroids, but anyone can get them in the form of Protein powders or shakes. Most of these powders/shakes come with the label of “Natural” which Cruz claims to mean unregulated so they can include “anabolic androgens. Consequences of using these drugs can cause depression, rage attacks and even suicidal tendencies. Cruz sites Dr Alison Field “Pediatricians and adolescent medicine docs and parents [need] to become aware that they should be listening as much to their sons’ conversations about weight as their daughters.” I side with Cruz and Field that we do need to educate

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