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Ryan Lusht Dr. Alla Boldina English 110-55 9/24/11 What is Body Image? What is body image? Is it the effect of other people around you? Is it the way you present yourself to other people? Body image in our culture has a lot to do with how you picture or see your self in the world around you. You can contradict the real meaning of body image it can be anything really, the way you look, smell, act, walk, talk, and even you yourself and the way you perceive things. A lot of people will say that the media will become someone’s reality and the standard for the way they live their life. The way the media can impact your body image is an endless list in this world today, its everywhere. In some ways the media will set a standard to high for someone to reach. This affect is all around us, some people will give off positive body image and others will give off a negative body image. In a since our culture produces positive values with positive body image and negative values with negative body image. The way this world affects my body image is everywhere, from person to person, TV show to TV show, one state to another state, a little bit of everyone’s body image rubs off on me that’s just how this world works now. I think that body image is one of the most important aspects in this world today, it affects everything! The effect of the media, the difference in people, and the closes people around me will always impact my own personal body image. I read an article called “The media assault on male body image” in this article there is a lot about the effects of media and how it portrays into the people around it. In todays world there’s a never-ending amount of flesh on TV screens, pages, and billboards. All of these images reflect our own assumptions about what the standard in this world is. So in a since there saying that the media will reflect on you and

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