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Body Composition/BMR Lab Nutrition for Health 15 points 1. Measure your height ___66.5______ inches (1) _____169____cm (1) 2. Weigh yourself: ______120___ pounds (1) ____55____ kg (1) 3. Measure your waist circumference. Your waist circumference ____28______(in inches) (1) 4. Recommended waist circumference in inches for your gender___>40________(1) 5. Calculate your BMI_____19.08________ (show calculation below) (1) 6. What does a BMI of 25-29.9 indicate? ____overweight___ (1) 30-39.9? ______obese____(1) 7. What are the specific adverse health implications of a WC >35" in women or >40" in men? (1) My adverse is you have to do physical activity. For example, you may running, walking, or swimming. 8. Make an assessment of your health risk based on your BMI & waist circumference. You must address both for full credit. (2) My BMI is 19.08, so I have a healthy weight and also my waist circumference is 28. Actually, I am not over the 40 inch, so I am not store fat in the upper body. 9. Calculate your BMR using the BMR worksheet (you will need to download this separately) Your BMR ________1451____(1) BMR + activity (this represents the amount of energy you need each day to maintain your weight) __ _1886.3_______(1). This number should be larger than your calculated BMR 10. State how your calculated energy needs for one day reflects your current weight? Are you in positive or negative energy balance? Or are you IN energy balance based on your needs, your current intake (use the calorie intake records from previous assignments) and your weight.(2) My amount of energy need is 1886 for one day. My energy balance is negative. I will gain weight. To determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the number of calories your body burns at rest. Women: 1. Begin with a base of 655

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