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QKWs:An important ideaFirst partWhyHow | Techniques:ContrastSettingSymbolismInner conflict | Ideas that are raised in the story which link to one idea you are focusing on:AmbitionSocial classrejectionrite of passagerevenge | Quotes: Contextualisation: Purpose:To show the corruptness of London back thenVictorian England Early 19th centuryKent/London | Describe an important idea that is revealed in the first part of the novel. Explain why the idea is important and how it is revealed. In the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens an important idea that is revealed in the first part of the novel is snobbery. Snobbery is shown through the use of the techniques contrast, symbolism and inner conflict. The idea of snobbery is important in the first part of the novel because Pip, who is young and innocent goes to Satis house where he meets Miss Havisham and Estella whereby his mind is then corrupted by the idea of himself being “a common labouring-boy” and from then on he wants to make himself “un-common” so that he can look good in the eyes of Estella and Miss Havisham. Snobbery is revealed in the novel by the use of contrast. In the beginning of the novel Pip is show to have a dramatic contrast to Estella with his “thick boots” and his “course hands” while Estella is “beautiful” and “self-possessed”, and the way that Pip was ever so polite to Estella calling her “Miss” and Estella being rude and impolite calling him “Boy”. This tells us that Estella is more snobbish because she is of the higher “class”. The symbolism in the first part of the novel shows snobbery. Estella is symbolic of being a star, Stella being star in Latin, being cold and uncaring for the world going around her. The clothes that Pip get specially made for him by Mr Trabb that were said to be “rather a disappointment” and that didn’t really fit quite right, showing us that Pip would

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