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In Project #3 we will be going through the Bobo Experiment. The points we will cover will be: 1. What was the Bobo Experiment and what did it conclude about children who observed an aggressive model? 2. How are the results of the Bobo Experiment relevant to research about violence in the media? 3. What does research suggest is the impact of violence in the media on children and youth? 4. In the CJ field you will encounter troubled youth as a police officer, juvenile probation officer, or as another role. What advice would you give to parents of children who are at risk for getting in trouble related to aggressive behavior? 5. What advice would you give the children/youth that are showing risk for aggressive behavior? In the Bobo Experiment (1961), there were a various number of children being observed to see how they would react to certain behaviors, more so aggression when observing it being displayed by someone else beating on a Bobo Doll. • A Bobo Doll is an inflatable toy that is about 5ft tall and is usually made of a soft vinyl or plastic. The Bobo Doll was most often painted to look like a clown. The doll was designed to be bottom-weighted so that if it were hit, it would fall over then immediately lift back up to a standing position. It first came on the market in the 1960’s. In the Experiment the groups of kids were separated into three groups. 1. Aggressive model shown to 24 children (12 boys 12 girls), in which the adults attacked the Bobo doll in a distinctive manner, sometimes using a hammer, and in others threw the doll in the air and shouted "Pow, Boom." 2. Non-aggressive model shown to 24 children (12 boys 12 girls), in which the model played in a quiet and subdued manner for 10 minutes (playing with a tinker toy set and ignoring the bobo-doll). 3. No model shown (control condition) to 24 children (12 boys 12 girls), in which they were

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