Bobe Evan's Security Analysis

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Bob Evans Farms Inc. (Nasdaq GS: BOBE) Company Background Bob Evans Farms is a full service restaurant and food products company. It operates two chains Bob Evans and Mimi’s Café. As of April 29, 2011, the company owned and operated 708 full-service restaurants, including 563 Bob Evans Restaurants in 18 states and 145 Mimi’s Cafes in 24 states. It also produces and distributes food products under the Bob Evans and Owens brand names. The company’s food products include fresh, smoked, and fully cooked pork sausages; hickory-smoked bacon products; refrigerated and frozen convenience food items, such as mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, microwaveable sandwiches, and slow-roasted main dish entrees. Historically, the revenue break up for the company is 80:20 between restaurant and food products business. Good Business Framework Good Business Framework - Bob Evans Farms Inc | Criterion | Facts | Decision | Market Position | The company is one of the players in the full service restaurant. Amongst its listed and unlisted peers the company has 3.2% share. In such a competitive market the company is had a decline in top-line. It is one of the players in this industry. Its food product business is also one amongst many and therefore has hardly any brand value | Below Thresh hold | | | | Market Growth | | | | The restaurant business is one amongst consumer discretionary. Company largely operates in the mid-west region of USA and was particularly affected by the economic slowdown. The restaurant business was equally affected and the growth in the business was nominally adjusted for inflation | Threshold - Neutral | Market Share Trends | | | | The same store sales trend indicates that the company has been losing sales in the market it operates in. This is also significant as some of its competitors have reported positive SSS. Its food product

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