Bobby Orr's Goal

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Bobby Orr This is a picture of Bobby Orr’s famous goal. The goal is famous because it is the moment that Bobby Orr scored the winning goal of the Stanley Cup. In this photo Bobby Orr was in his 4th NHL season, scored his 4th goal of the 4th game in the 4th period of the Hockey Stanley Cup game on May 10, 1970. The Bruins won their 4th Stanley Cup in a 4 game sweep. Forty years ago Bobby Orr, number 4, played for the Boston Bruins and got tripped by Noel Picard, number 4, who played for the St. Louis Blues. You can see the puck bounce back out of the net while the goalie is still bent over and at the same time you see Orr get tripped and fly three feet into the air in this picture. The Boston Bruins were the first American team ever to play in the NHL. Their first game was November 1st, 1924. They…show more content…
Four years later Bobby Orr started playing hockey in his home town of Ontario Canada. Bobby Orr was known to be a star. At the age of fourteen the Boston Bruins had him play on one of their junior A leagues. He played there until he turned seventeen. At eighteen he played in his first National Hockey League game with the Boston Bruins. He helped the team win two Stanley Cups. He got the Most Valuable Player Trophy three times, the Best Defenseman Trophy eight times and he won the Rookie of the Year Trophy his first year with the Bruins. Bobby Orr signed the first $1Million dollar hockey contract in 1971. He had bad knees from playing hockey his whole life. He left the Bruins and then retired in 1978. He was one of hockey’s best players and was entered into the Hall of Fame in 1979. The picture of Bobby Orr was famous because it won the Bruins the 1970 Stanley Cup and the Bruins had not won the Stanley Cup in 29 years. The picture was also famous because it showed Bobby Orr in mid air, 3 feet above the ice, right after he scored the 4th goal to win the Stanley Cup. The picture was in magazines and newspapers around the

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