Bobby Bonds Rising Superstar Analysis

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Isn’t it enough to see him steal a base, slide in, come to his feet instantly, ready to explode away again, or to watch him at the plate, concentrating, flicking the bat back and forth with those wonderful quick wrists of his, or to see him chase down a fly ball with his marvelous racehorse strides? These are questions frequently asked by the fans of the great Bobby Bonds. George Sullivan show in the book “Bobby Bonds Rising Superstar” how Bonds grew up playing ball then went on to become a winner who has been called a natural successor to the great Willie Mays in natural popularity. When it comes to sports biographies, George Sullivan would be the author to consider contributing your time and money to. George Sullivan writes books of fact, history, and biography for children and young adults. He has more than one hundred titles to his credit. They cover a wide range of topics, from auto racing to all around sports, from the Civil War to civil…show more content…
There were no tall apartment projects or acres of concrete and asphalt as what we would refer to as “the ghetto”. It was a neighborhood of small private houses, dusty streets and open fields. There was a community settlement house near the Bonds house, with a gym where you could play basketball. There was a baseball diamond at nearby Lincoln Park. The Bonds children and their friends usually played in an open field in the back of their homes. Sometimes they would bat rocks or they would take an old sock, make a ball, wrap a string around it, and bat that. Or they use to take those little red berries that would grow on the bushes and hit those. Bobby would clutter the house sticks he used for batting. One day when he was a bout four years old, his mother went to a local five and ten and bought him a small baseball bat. It cost fifty-nine cents. Making their kids happy was very important to Mr. and Ms.
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