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Ecological Footprint Bobby Chaiton Westfield State College Physical Geography Section 001 Carston Braun November 17, 2013 1. Describe the general time sequence between 24 and 30 August 2005 in terms of central air pressure and sustained wind-speed changes The wind speed changes when there is a difference in air pressure because of a function called the pressure gradient force. Simply put, the larger the difference in air pressure between two areas, the faster the air moves from the higher pressure to the lower pressure, just like a ball rolls down a steep hill faster than a more gently sloped one. As the central pressure of a hurricane increases, it causes the overall difference in pressure from the inside to the outside to become less, and thus the wind speed decreases in response…show more content…
This extreme pressure change makes the iso bars compact together creating fast moving winds and causing wind speeds to increase to even out the air pressure. 3. Describe the changes in central pressure and sustained wind speed between 29 and 30 August 2005? The air pressure from august 29th to august 30th changed from 904mbars to 985 mbars. While the air pressure increased the winds decrease as iso bars spread apart and wind is no longer moving at an abrupt pace. This is called a high pressure area, where air is more stationary not moving fast an across the iso bars. 4. What explains the decrease in the intensity of Hurricane Katrina between 29 and 30 August 2005? From august 29th to august 30th hurricane Katrina made landfall and along with land fall lost its fuel source. When Katrina hit wind speed decreased with air pressure started to rise, warm water was cut off from the hurricane as its fuel source the hurricane slowly fizzles

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