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ENG 101/A05 June 13th, 2011 RR two Bobbie Ann Mason “Being Country” from Clear Springs Bobbie Ann Mason 's autobiography Clear Springs : A Memoir brings us back to her life in Mayfield where she uses physical images for her youth, the routines and rhythms of farm life, and constant concern for food, home-grown, home-cooked food to illustrate rural experience, her journey in exploring the world ,discoveries through her family generation and embracing her own culture .She shares her adventure in finding the greater world outside their little dairy farm , success and failure and in the end unraveling the importance of her family that holds her rooted. Bobbie narrates her life in Mayfield, illustrating Kentucky and the kind of life, the…show more content…
Country? Well I was born in town and I grew up in town. I got to think what life would be living in the country without all the stores and life and people in town? Lucky I, my aunt and uncle with my cousin lived in country. They had they own land and farm and lots of animals and with all that, incredible amount of work for anybody who decided to come for a visit. I understand what Bobbie is trying to say in her memoir. My aunt and uncle lived about an hour away from town. My family and I always went to visit every other Sunday after church to eat lunch. Everything we had to eat was home-grown and home-cooked. I remember spending my summer there. It was different than town. Believe me if I tell you so! I had to wake up very early! When the Sun came up and rooster woke up everybody it was time get to work. We had to feed all the farm animals, which included horses, cows, goats, chickens, pigs and of course cats and dogs. Farming was the next on the list. There was no time for fun or being a child. And if you were a child my aunt and uncle made you responsible one. You had to help; “no pain, no gain”. I was always excited when my dad came and we went back home. My cousin used to tell me that there was no way she would move to town and leave country and all the things she likes to do there. These days she lives in the biggest town (Prague) of Czech Republic with her family and we always laugh when we talk about our

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