Bobbi Woo's Case

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------------------------------------------------- Case Study: letting the big ones get away 24NOV2012 CCJS100 * References 1. Fuller, J. R. (2010). Criminal justice: Mainstream and crosscurrents (p. 328) 2. Hage, J. (2010, February 10). BRIEF: Jury finds Brist guilty of drug charges. Fergus Falls Daily Journal (MN) 3. Botkin, Ben (2009, February 03) Woolsey gets at least six months in prison: Woman gave false alibi for Dale Miller murderer Times-News, The (Twin Falls, ID) 4. Teehan, Sean (2012 February 06) Suspected drug mom arraigned in Falmouth Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA) 5. Ewell Gee, D. (2010, April 23). Falls officer takes plea deal on 2 felonies: Admits buying cocaine on duty, tipping off drug dealers…show more content…
For example , this a story about a woman (Botkin 2009) named Bobbi Woosley who gave a false alibi to a murderer named Cameron Watts , who killed 18 year old Dale Miller in a 2007 murder case involving drug debts. The woman was sentenced for being an accessory to felony which is a felony. When this woman was first charged she stated “she didn’t know anything about a murder” but once she was caught and knew things for her weren’t looking good she came clean. The thing about it is that miller died in the trunk, no shots fired no knifes or threating of life, he just died in a trunk all because he owed 250 to 300 in money for drugs. Now even though she isn’t a drug user herself she could be brought into a situation where she may have to see or know about someone’s dealing with robbing or murder. Not necessarily with him but through his associates or a female friend of an associate. Because of this she is seriously exposing her unborn child to unnecessary danger, all in the name of a man who is willing to drop your name to the cops without a second thought. And that him saying you will be able to walk when you have a criminal record is sadly mistaken. I would just allow her to know that she also needs to try to do the right thing and what’s right for her and her child; because this man does not have their best interest in heart. My goal is to show her if she continues to lie would could possibly be in her future even if by someone impossible act they were both

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