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Thesis: In “Choosing Our Families,” Ellen Goodman asserts that although modern families cannot choose who the family members are, they can choose whether or not to be an active part of that family. Paraphrase: Thanksgiving and other holidays highlight the blend of differences within families. Food and conversations unite the members of the family that may not have much in common with other members. What connects a family together? One could make the case that family is connected by blood, marriage, or affection and that all families are the same. However, examples like the Reagan family and the Bush family highlight how families cannot be considered common or typical due the constant changes and differences. Families are not homogenous like being of the same DNA, but are more accurately dynamic, being constantly spliced and recombined due to marriages, divorces, and estrangement. Even among families considered stable, the vast differences between family members are evident. It is commonly said that people do not choose their families, but in the modern family, people do to choose make room for family in their lives. Modern families are thus connected through the preservation of that choice over time through holiday gatherings and other family rituals. Summary: In “Choosing Our Families,” Ellen Goodman makes the case that modern families are the mix of a variety of division and differences. However, despite the instability and constant changing a family experiences, people still choose to make family an integral part of their lives. Goodman asserts that the preservation of this choice over time is the foundation for the modern

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