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Thirty years ago Jamaica lost one of the best music maker in Jamaican history, Bob Marley. He died in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981 when trying to return to his beloved Jamaica one last time, but death did not let him go to Jamaica. The music of Bob Marley has been heavily influenced by government, freedom, redemption, and slavery. Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. Marley has sold more than 20 million records, making him the first international superstar to emerge from the so-called Third World. He died on May 11, 1981 due to a malignant melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer that was found on his toe. “No Woman, No Cry” really means “No Woman, Do Not Cry.” This song talks about how the government have a lot of hypocrites who say that the are going to do something but they do not do what they promised, they just wanted the peoples vote. The song became Marley’s first hit when it was released as a single from his album, Live!, which was recorded in 1975. “No Woman, No Cry” was the most popular song he ever made in his career. “No Woman, No Cry” talks about how the government has a lot of hypocrites when he says “I remember when we used to sit in the government yard in Trenchtown Oba, observing the hypocrites.” Some people say that he wrote this song dedicated his wife Rita Marley after he cheated on her with another woman. Bob Marley was inspired in this song by the government and if the song was really dedicated to his wife after he cheated on her, he was inspired by his love for Rita. “Redemption Song” unlike most of Bob Marley’s tracks, it is strictly a solo acoustic recording, consisting of Bob Marley singing and playing an acoustic guitar. The song was released in 1980. In 2004, Rolling Stone placed the son at number 66 among “The

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