Bob Dylan: A true poet

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Bob Dylan: A true poet 1965 hit “Mr. Tambourine Man,” is one of Bob Dylan’s most evocative songs ever created. Due to Dylan’s natural poetic talents, the Tambourine Man’s infamous lyrics remain to impose controversy in American culture today. This song is more than a 60’s folk-rock hit; it is a figment of Bob Dylan’s imagination to be shared and honored for generations. This song defines literary art. Dylan’s word choice and format of composition illustrate an in-descript and whimsical narrative for listeners to follow. He depicts a rhetorical, conversational atmosphere between the speaker and the Tambourine Man. The speaker takes his listeners on a fluid lyrical trip through his mind. He allows the listener to peer into his imaginative thoughts regarding his more specific audience: the Tambourine Man. Dylan uses repetition to his advantage. Through the chronic chorus, the Tambourine Man develops a real sense of infinity. Endless possibilities are present in this character. Listeners may never know exactly whom the Tambourine Man is- which perhaps reiterates the idea that Dylan left room for his audience to limitlessly interpret his metaphorical song. One might construe the mysterious poem in direct relation to faith. Dylan writes “I’m ready to go anywhere…cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under it.” Here the speaker is led to believe in a higher power and admire His ways. We can further investigate this connection in the chorus when the speaker says, “Play a song for me, there is no place I’m going… in the jingle jangle mornin’ I’ll come followin’ you.” Perhaps this is synonymous with the concept of Jesus Christ- the new beginning, the salvation and belief of God. This could imply that the speaker should follow Jesus (the Tambourine Man) into a new morning. The recurring chorus aids listeners to exemplify the belief in the resurrection of

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