Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) May 24, 1941

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Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) one of the greatest and popular songwriters of twentieth century was born on May 24, 1941 In Duluth, Minnesota in the United States of America. Dylan’s paternal grandparents emigrated from Odessa in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine) to the United States following the anti-Semitic pogroms of 1905. His mother's grandparents were Lithuanian Jews who arrived in the United States in 1902.Dylan’s parents, Abram Zimmerman and Beatrice Stone. Robert Zimmerman lived in Duluth until age six. Later His father was hit with polio and the family returned to his mother's home town, Hibbing, where Zimmerman spent the rest of his childhood. Robert Zimmerman spent much of his youth listening to the radio. First to blues and country stations broadcasting from Shreveport, Louisiana and, later, to early rock and roll. Bob Dylan started writing poems at the age of ten he also taught himself to play the piano and guitar. His first musical inspirations were by such talents as: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard. He formed several bands in high school like Shadow Blasters which was short-lived, but his next band, The Golden Chords, lasted longer and played covers of popular songs. After Dylan graduated from high school, he joined University of Minnesota in early 1959. University was where the thought of becoming a musical artist formed. Dylan begun to listen to folk and rock pioneers: Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Woody Guthrie. Dylan soon found himself not interested in school and playing in nearby coffee houses. Dylan around this time had begun to master the harmonica and adopted his stage name "Bob Dylan". Dylan took his stage name from a popular poet named Dylan Thomas. The next year Bob Dylan dropped out of school andwent to New York. In New York he had two goals: The first was to become an important part of the folk scene in

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