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Communication Jonathan Londono Communication Instructor Andrew Troy Unit 3 October 29, 2014 Define the main methods of non-verbal communication Our Body communicates with movements and gestures and just with its general appearance. (Allyn& Bacon 2002) Essentials of Human Communication Body Movements you use gestures with you thumbs up for a good job and the V for good job. Using this kind of nonverbal besides using words. The facial are includes your eyes, is an important single source of nonverbal. While on interpersonal interactions your face tells other people the way you are feeling, in occasions you can see how you agree, pleasant you fell, and sympathy you felt. You eye communication depends on the eye duration, direction and the way the behavior of your eyes have. One example you have aeye contact with another person that seems to me that you like that person or you want something is telling them you want that person. Spatial and Territorial Communication usage of space speaks surely and loudly as words. We have intimate distance feeling, touching can say more than words, is that you want that person, Public distance you use when you feel threaten you have the time to react. Artificial Communication made by human hands, color of clothing, bodily scents communicate a wide of variety of meanings. Colors communicate in some occasion the way you feel for example Im a fanatic in soccer my team color is green that day when that team plays I wear the color green it tells other people that my team is playing and I support them. Touch Communication means a positive emotion of support a need of affection. It can tell someone that you support them or way’s that you are telling them what you want from them. Paralanguage and Silence vocal but nonverbal dimension of speech, functions

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