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Walking the streets of New York never really was a problem with me. I always felt safe because I minded my own business and I always stayed out of trouble. In most cases you would think having these to aspects in mind would keep you safe, well in my case I guess I was naïve October 12, 2007 was a day to remember and an event that gave me a different outlook on life. Waking up to my mother’s voice knowing that I had a full day ahead of me, I had this nervous feeling as if something bad was to happen but of course I paid this feeling of mine no attention. My mother was waiting for me outside in the car to give me a ride to school and even though I knew she was waiting I still managed to take my time and get ready for school the normal way, you know forgetting everything I need and not eating breakfast. Well at least this was normal for me. As I got in my mother’s car and was finally ready for school I still had a nervous feeling inside and I decided to tell my mother about this feeling. She told me not to worry about it but seriously how can you tell someone not to be nervous and they actually abide by that? I remember the last thing she told me to do was to just focus on school and football practice, the two most important things. She did have a valid point though I mean it was homecoming and a lot of people were going to be there so I did have to get a good practice in for one of the last days before the game. As practice started for some reason I couldn’t focus on my assignment on the field, my mind just kept wondering from place to place that had no relation to football. My coaches were constantly getting on my back and were trying to keep me focused but my mind wasn’t focused on the game. After practice was over, I got dressed quickly Headley 2 and went home so I felt safer. When I got home I

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