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Was Cool Hand Luke Honest? One of the most famous quotes from the movie, “Cool Hand Luke” was, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” I feel that there really was not a failure to communicate, but a failure to conform. Luke’s unbreakable spirit kept him from being the tamed animal the institution wanted him to be. It is because of the spirit he had that I think that he was an honest man. Honesty can be defined in a lot of ways. I saw two separate definitions in the movie, one being social, and the other being personal. Because of Luke’s actions of “beheading” the parking meters, society’s view of him was that he was dishonest. He was judged and imprisoned. However, in reality Luke was just being true to himself. When Luke was imprisoned, I believe this is where he proved he was an honest man. Although he was continually persecuted for being himself, he was always true to his beliefs. The inmates looked up to Luke and in return he shared his spirit with them. When they were in need of having their spirits lifted, Luke ate a record fifty eggs. During his second escape he sent a picture to give them something to talk about. It was his relationship with his fellow inmates that supports the thought of him being an honest man. By definition honesty is not deceptive or fraudulent. I truly believe that this defines Luke. His commitment of staying his true self, aside from all the forces against him, I believe is one of the truest forms of

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