Boat Of Death Essay

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A dead body was found in the Diamond Head Lake; she was wearing the remains of a silk nightgown, and had been partially eaten by sharks. The medical report showed that she had drowned and the estimated time of death was about 4 a.m. I was directed to the stern of the vessel on level two, where Waverley Berg had taken the fatal dive off the boat. She had come out of her luxurious bedroom onto the rear deck in which she was the only person who could get out there because her room was locked, and there was not another way to get on the back deck. As she went out to the rail, she vomited and then went over the rail. When I checked out the bedroom, I noticed that the room was sealed from the rest of the ship. The room was in disarray. The drawers of the dresser were all pulled open, with the contents of lace underwear, silk nightgowns, and other costly garments strewn about. From my perspective, it looked like someone had been rummaging through the stuff, but it could have just been Waverly was a messy person. On the table there was a jewelry box and all the expensive jewelry was lying out on the table. Then I found an empty wall safe behind a portrait of Waverly Berg. When I moved to the bathroom I noticed there were remains of a fire made with various documents. Most of the papers were beyond identification, but I was able to retrieve some receipts, a bank statement, and a love-letter. There were three people on the boat who had somehow been involved with the death of Waverly Berg. The people who had joined Waverly were Captain Brent Reilly, Dora Snook, and Dr. Curtis Lightbody. I had the suspects detained, so I could interview them. The first person I questioned was Captain Brent Reilly. Reilly had a history of dating younger women who had money. He appeared to be telling the truth because

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