Boat Design Essay

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Boat Design Essay By: Anthony Dargan The goal of my boat is to be very stable and go fast upwind. I have equipped my boat with many materials in fulfilling this goal. Things like using a cutter sail, the height of my sail, the length, and keel length and choice. I have chosen to use a cutter sail so that my boat is able to go upwind fast. The height of my mast is 34 feet. To help with keeping my boat stable, I have put a 14 foot long canting keel on it that is 10 feet wide. The deeper the keel, the more stable it will be. The height of the hull on my boat is 10 feet. This would also help with stability. The LOA is 34 feet. The weight of my boat is 8000 pounds. It is also a monohull. My boat is influenced by the Mari-Cha IV sailboat. This sailboat is 140 feet, with a canting keel that allows it to zoom past skinny waters with a 19 inch draw. My boat is smaller of course but is still trying to accomplish fast sailing. Like the Mari-Cha IV it is built for the Atlantic. I recommend that my boat should sail in very windy areas like the Atlantic. I recommend this because of the cutter sail that is attached to my boat. Also the deep canting keel would help keep the boat stable and the water is really deep in the Atlantic(28,232 feet, deepest point). My boat is better than other boats that objectives are similar. My boat is better because my boats weight is evenly distributed. Also the choice of keel for my boat helps my boat go through water pretty fast. My boat is very comfortable, 12 feet wide and 4 feet deep cabin trunk. With a max hull speed of 7.46 knots against the wind, you’ll be able to move pretty fast. My boat would be best in the Atlantic in which it is designed for. My boat would be best in this region because it is a monohull. Monohull’s provide the most stability. It is also stable because of its 16 foot deep keel. It is best in this region because
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