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Dear Mrs Anderson and the QHS Board of Trustees, On the 21st/23rd of May our year 12 P.E/O.E class went on a 3 day tramp to Whare Flat. There was a lot of Risk Management Strategies and steps planed beforehand and during the tramp to insure the safety of the year12s, teachers and the polytechnic students that were leading the 3 day tramp. I am going to discuss and analyse these strategies and steps under the headings People, Equipment and Environment. When going on a tramp it is very important that the person or people that are leading it are experienced trampers. The 6 polytechnic students that took us tramping were all doing an outdoor adventure diploma, so this meant that they had gone on many tramps before and we qualified to take our year12 PE/OE class tramping. We also had 5 other qualified teachers, including Miss Earland and Miss Palmer. The first strategy that we looked at was People. The first risk we looked at for People was a health check. Our teacher Miss Earland gave every year12 PE/OE student a health form inquiring about any new injuries that had happened from the start of the year and checked if any of the students had any allergies or required any constant medication. This Health risk was relevant and important in going for the 3 day tramp; it posed a very real threat to students with or without health requirements and it needed to be planned for. An example is after we had handed in our health forms the polytechnic students were informed about our health. This meant that on the tramp the leaders of our group would be aware of any injuries and health issues that we might have and could plan on what they needed to bring for the injury on the 3 day tramp. I know this happened and that the polytechnic students planned ahead because before we left for the tramp one of the polytechnic students came to my group and asked one of the girls in my

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